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Baseus Car Wash Gun Washer Spray

Baseus Car Wash Gun Washer Spray

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Baseus Car Wash Gun Washer Spray Nozzle High Pressure Cleaner For Auto Home Garden Cleaning Car Washing Accessories

You are looking at Baseus Car Wash Gun High Pressure Cleaner Spray Nozzle For Auto Home Garden Cleaning. It is a 32 inches high pressure water spray gun that you can use to wash and clean your car, home, garden and etc. It is not only convenient but also more efficient when you are washing hard to reach places or those really dirty spots.

Say goodbye to your old gun! Baseus car wash gun is the latest design to clean all the aggregates, sprayer pressure can reach 900-1100psi, and power consumption can happen within 2.5 hours, so it will bring you more convenience and a better result while washing

Plastic Connect with water: Connect with water directly,or connect with the water gun which must be bought separately.Thisset is a must have thing in your car wash tool kit. This set of tools will make you feel more enjoyful when washing your cars at home,outside in the driveway or parking garages. It can take less time to finish the cleaning process of your vehicle with Baseus three-in-one high pressure clean nozzles set, instead of cleaning your cars by hands.


  • With Water Pipes: Yes
  • Water Spray Type: Water Column
  • Water Pipes Length: 5-10m
  • Nozzle Material: Alloy
  • Modle: high pressure washer gun,foam gun car wash
  • Interface Material: Copper
  • Handle Type: Finger Type
  • Feature: Water shapes adjustable
  • Brand Name: BASEUS
  • Body Material: Engineering Plastic
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