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Harvey Gallery Da Vinci Decoder Wall Fountain

Harvey Gallery Da Vinci Decoder Wall Fountain

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  • Handmade
  • Materials: copper, bronze, aluminum, acrylic

Some have said it is an early device for deciphering the coding in the Last Supper. A few suggested that when played underwater, large whales flock to it and attempt to communicate. A couple of folks posited that it was an unabashed attempt for Harvey Galleries to put out one more weird sculpture for your enjoyment. We just think it's really cool...a bit like Jules Vern, H.G. Wells and ole Leonardo combined.

Ultimately, it's a fountain and when people come over and sip their chardonnays, they'll have their own spin on this neat fountain. The water runs down a clear center panel overlaying the gears. 

Half of what we do is custom, so we can make this any size, shape, or design that you can envision. Please just give us a call or email and we can give you a quote.

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