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Majestic Magnetic Curtain

Majestic Magnetic Curtain

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 Keep flies out, but let the beautiful breeze in

             Let your pets go through your house easily but let the flies stay out

  • You can now leave the door open without the fear of those blood sucking mosquitos sucking you dry and leaving you itching for days!
  • Perfect for my toddlers who loves to go in and out of the backyard. All they have to do is just push right though and this door would seal up behind him.
  • An easy to install magnetic screen door that completely replace your old-fashioned folding one without the messy zippers.
  • Instructions are easy to follow and it could be installed on either wood, metal, or glass. 
  • Your pets can run right in and out and it magnetizes perfectly back together each time!

The ideal solution for patio, garden, porch and sunroom protection against mosquitoes, flies, wasps and other insects. Harmless to people and pets when closed properly.

    Made from high quality nano fiber, our magnetic screen door not only works well in blocking out the bugs, but at the same time, allows you to have a good sight when you step outside with no obstruction like other traditional doors.

    Protect your home from insects and mosquitoes whilst having a good airflow.

    Small: 31.5in x 82.67in (80cm x 210cm)

    Medium: 47.24in x 82.67in (120cm x 210cm)
    Large:  55.11in x 82.67in (140cm x 210cm)
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