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Tafest Digital Microscope

Tafest Digital Microscope

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Helps You View The Magnificent Microscopic World Around You.

This wireless microscope is an exciting option for anyone eager to dive into the microscopic world.

More than a microscope, it is a camera, It can not only zoom in but also take photos and record videos. 

Magnification & High Definition: 2 million pixels, 1080P HD picture quality for smartphone, 720P for computer, 50x more magnification can meet your daily needs.

This portable microscope is easy to carry around due to its convenient size and long battery life. Enjoy using this option both indoors and outdoors, for example, consider grabbing it on a hike to observe in the wild.

Use it in school experimental classes, outdoor expeditions, experimental observations, or even for college education: the possibilities are unlimited.

Digital USB Microscope – Shopily

The USB Digital Microscope gives you the power to view the microscopic world around you. With this microscope, you can take pictures of things that are usually too small to be seen with the naked eye and connect to a laptop, computer or a phone.

Let's bring science to your home. Get a view of detail without those traditional microscopes with Digital USB Microscope! Convenient and easy to use 

These devices are designed to help you observe things in great detail without having to struggle with a light source. The in-built LED lights make it easy to view objects in high brightness without decreasing the clarity of your image.

Not only has Digital USB Microscope helped students and hobbyists alike but it is widely popular for laboratory research, fixing or viewing electronic components, jewelry identification, and repairing, field research, law enforcement, etc.



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