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Paw Plush Cushion

Paw Plush Cushion

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Perfect Cushion For Your Butt! 

Introducing the The Seat Cushion Plushie 

Whether it is at work or sitting down in your chair all day, sitting down for too long can be uncomfortable and tiring. The Seat Cushion Plushie will ensure you endless comfort, and sitting down will finally feel like heaven.  

Looking for a soft warm seat? Well then, this cat paw cushion is all you need to enjoy comfortable seating. The paw design of the cushion makes it so unique & eye-catching, and you can also gift it to your cat-lover friends.

Perfect Present All-Year-Round

    Ever get tired of thinking of a present? If so, cushion plushies are a wonderful way to go! Requiring little effort but giving the best present in the world at the same time! Whether it's for Birthdays, Valentines, or Christmas, A Seat Cushion Plushie would place first as the best gift ever.

28in x 24in (70 x 60cm)
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