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Tafest Vibration Eye Massager

Tafest Vibration Eye Massager

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A New Level Of Relief Excellence.

                             For fast, quiet, comfort eye relief

Bring relief to strained, tired eyes - faster and quieter.

Do you sometimes feel pain and discomfort in your eyes after a long day of work or study?

There's nothing better than a moment to relax and unwind when we’re done with our everyday duties. Treat yourself to a spa-like experience and relax your eyes using this smart eye massager. 

Once you get it, you won’t want to stop using it as it will bring your relaxation routine to a whole new level.

The Tafest Eye Massager therapy relaxes your tired eyes so that you can start the day rested, reduces fine lines and has a positive effect on puffiness and dark circles.

The Tafest therapy has a positive effect on your sleep rhythm. The eye mask has a heat function and 5 different massage modes. These ensure that the nerves and muscles around your eyes relax and you can sleep better. It can help shield your eyes from the outside world so you can relax.

Benefits Of Tafest Eye Therapy

Bluetooth - You can pair the Tafest therapy massager with all of your bluetooth devices. Then you can play your own music so that no outside noise will bother you.

Relaxing Effect- The Tafest therapy massager warms your eyes and emits vibrations. The sleep mask relaxes the muscles and nerves around your eyes, so pain and tiredness decrease and you can relax undisturbed.

Comfortable- The eyeo therapy is comfortable to wear and even suitable for side sleepers. The long battery life also makes the sleep mask ideal for travel or use during meditation. And finally, it can be stowed away compactly when not in use.

The Benefits

Our Smart Eye Massager is effective against:

  • Migraines, Sinus Pressure & Headaches
  • Dry & Tired Eyes
  • Sleeping Problems
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Eye Bags & Dark Under-eye Circles

For the Most Effectual In Home Massage

Smart Eye Massager


Have you ever put a warm cloth on your forehead and eyes when you had a headache or felt overwhelmed? It’s an effective stress release, isn’t it?

The constant warm compress in this eye massager has a temperature of approximately 39°C. It's a great way to give a moment of rest to your tired eyes after a long day of activities. It’s designed to increase your blood flow and boost relaxation.

Together with the high-frequency vibration massage, it will make you feel cosy and soothe your tension and pain.

Playing music is another built-in function of this useful eye massager. Give yourself a moment of relaxation and forget about the whole world around you. Listen to the soothing sounds of music with the Bluetooth function that you can connect to your phone.

Thanks to this, your stress level will decrease even more and you should feel much better just after a few minutes of using this home relaxation device.

Smart Eye Massager

The Easiest & Most Affordable Way to Relieve Headaches & Eye Fatigue


1 x Eye massager1 x Packing box1 x User manual

1 x USB cable 

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